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Best Stone Masonry In St. George

Stone is unrivaled in its beauty and strength, making it one of the top choices when it comes to a variety of installations across the St. George area. Whether you’re looking for a new retaining wall, stonework for your home’s interior or exterior, making the choice to reach out to the best stone masonry company St. George has to offer will ensure that you get results you can depend on. We bring a variety of different looks and styles to your property in order to deliver the best.

Stone Installation

Though we are known as the retaining wall contractor of choice in the St. George area, the level of capability that we bring to all manner of stone installations set our professionals apart. When looking to find local masonry contractors who have the capability to deliver a wide range of stone and block wall building in the city, choosing to reach out to our professionals will provide you with an unparalleled level of knowledge and experience when it comes to this particular material. We are dedicated to providing the best possible results at the lowest block walls cost.

Restoration Services

Having the right local masonry companies in your corner not only ensures that you have the capability to have the installations you need put into place but also that you have the access to necessary restoration services as well. If you chose to buy a particular property based on the stonework in place and are looking for a service that has the capability to renew the aesthetic and practical benefits it provides, choosing to reach out to Block Wall St. George
will provide you with the most experienced and capable restoration services in the St. George area.

Stone Masonry Repair

Along with the variety of restoration services we provide, you can also count on our experts to bring you the repair services required to not only return the appearance of your stone installations but also the strength and reliability that stone is known for. We are dedicated to bringing the widest range of services of any local masonry companies, giving you the ability to have new installations put into place, repairs carried out and restoration services delivered in order to keep your property in the best condition. Whether for retaining walls or interior stonework, you can count on the results we provide.

Interior Stonework

We not only bring our specialized expertise to the exterior of your property but also provide you with a variety of interior stonework solutions that will add a new level of visual appeal and strength to the inside of your home or business. Whether you’re looking to create a fireplace, install a stone pass-through wall or otherwise, you have the capability to work alongside one of our professionals in order to design the perfect installation and to have it carried out affordably and quickly. There is no task too large or too small for our experts to put the full weight of their experience behind. Find out much more details about us.


Most frequent questions and answers For Retaining Walls

When building a wall or anything with stone, a series of bond stones will be in place to ensure that the structure stays together. A bond stone is also known as a “through stone” or “tie stone”, it extends through the entire wall’s width. In other words, from the exterior of the wall, to the interior side of the wall. Stone walls are often built in two layers, the bond stone will keep these layers together so that they do not fall apart or split down the middle. Any other middle gaps are usually just filled with rubble, but bond stones are spread evenly throughout (usually about one meter apart) the face of the wall so that the entire wall is one solid object. Bond stones are most commonly found to be used with rubble masonry.

Rubble masonry utilizes stones that have rough edges and haven’t been hammered into shape. Joints are often not a certain thickness. So rubble masonry will have a more rugged feel. Rubble masonry is also divided into three sub divisions: random rubble masonry, squared rubble masonry, and dry rubble masonry. Random rubble masonry is the roughest, but cheapest type of masonry. It will use stones that are not uniformly alike. Many will be different sizes and shapes will come together to form the structure, and the gaps are filled in with mortar. Squared rubble masonry will utilities stones that have been hammered into the shape square to create a uniform set of stones. Dry rubble masonry will use a variety of stones that will fit together so that mortar does not need to be used. In the case of this masonry, it is recommended that walls do not surpass the height of six meters.

Another type of masonry that is more costly but utilizes finely shaped stone is ashlars masonry. Unlike rubble masonry, all stones, joints, thickness, and other aspects are uniform to create a masterful wall that will look great and stand strong. The joints in ashlar masonry will be firmly sealed together with concrete or lime mortar. Ashlars masonry will be used in creating architectural buildings, bridges, pier/columns, and massive structures. 

Masons work with cement, bricks, concrete blocks, and natural and manmade stone to construct walls, bridges, fences, walkways, and any other features that might be built out of stone like materials. There are a number of different masons that will specialize in one thing such as brick masons or stone masons. Stonemasons will help build stone structures such as piers, walls, and abutments. They will help create stone walks, curbstones, or special types of masonry for vats, tanks, and floors. 

A stone masons main tools will be their hammer and chisel to form that rocks so that they can all fit together to create one masterful structure. Usually stone masons will use masonry stone. Masonry stone is a carved block of stone that is cut from solid natural rock. Masons will take this stone and form it to precise shapes to create firm structures, monuments, or sculptures. A good stone masons work can last for hundreds of years, as seen in the ancient structures of aqueducts of Rome and the castles of Britain.

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