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Best Masonry For Retaining Walls in St. George

We have been bringing retaining wall installation, repair and maintenance services to homes across the St. George area for many years, bringing you an unparalleled level of experience and capability when it comes to these particular property requirements. Whether you live on uneven ground and are looking for an aesthetic yet practical addition to your yard or are looking for an aesthetic benefit that will highlight the appearance of patios and other outdoor spaces, choosing to call St. George Block Wall will bring you the best local masonry contractors.

Practical Purpose

Retaining walls provide properties with uneven yards the capability to utilize the entirety of their outdoor space in a way that also adds strength and resilience to your home surroundings. Whether it’s to give the necessary protection against the rising water table or to hold back uneven soil within your property, looking to the best block wall building company in the St. George area will ensure that you have the right installation in place. We have the means to give your property the added practical purpose necessary to deliver an unparalleled level of utility.

Added Appeal

Providing you with the necessary practical addition you need is only part of the services that we deliver. In order to bring the best local masonry companies to your door, we also provide you with a full range of design choices in order to ensure that you also get the visual appeal you’re looking for when it comes to your yard. We understand that any installation being brought to your property also needs to highlight your own design preferences and give you the capability to work alongside skilled contractors in order to design and carry out the perfect accent to your yard.

Material Choice

In order to bring the best of both worlds, both aesthetic and practical, we provide the St. George area with the widest range of material choices when it comes to your installation. Whether you’re looking for concrete block retaining walls, cinderblock walls or stone masonry St. George can count on, choosing to reach out to St. George Block Wall will bring you the widest range of materials to choose from, giving you the ability to dictate your own design. If you’re looking for more than just a quality retaining wall contractor, choosing to bring in our professionals will deliver.

Repair & Restoration Services

Block Wall St. George  brings the city the widest variety of service capabilities when it comes to your retaining wall. Whether you’re looking for the necessary installation or maintenance options or find yourself in need of repair or restoration, choosing to reach out to our experts will provide you with the full range of treatments you’re looking for in order to deliver and maintain your retaining wall. We understand the importance of this installation and ensure that you have the best in local masonry companies providing you with the results you need, through affordable and accessible services anywhere in the area.


Most frequent questions and answers For Retaining Walls

Retaining walls are built up against earth to hold i back and allow a leveled area that can be used as a planter or to hold back the earth so that a structure or path can be built below. Retaining walls are strong so that they can hold the dirt back. These walls may have different life expectancies depending on the conditions that face it and the material. Retaining walls made of timber will look great in any space and will be easy to install; however, timber retaining wall will only last about 40 years or so. A properly installed concrete or masonry wall with very little weather conditions has no real limit as to how long it will last, but normally a wall will last about 50-100 years. If the retaining wall is made of stone masonry , then it will be more durable than other materials and last longer. It is recommended that a drainage system always be installed behind a wall structure so that water has an a. This enables the water to flow away from the wall, so that it maintains its strength. Thus allowing the wall to last longer. Replacing broken blocks may allow the wall to maintain its strength. Timber and interlocking concrete blocks will be easier to install and may be great for a DIY project. However poured concrete and mortared masonry may best be left to a professionally trained mason who will make sure the job is done right. Making sure the wall is installed and built properly can determine how long the wall will last.

Retaining walls are an option in maintaining a level area that can be used for development. They are not the only solution, but they can sure be efficient. Retaining walls allow for the earth to be held back as a nice leveled area is developed. This allows for all the dirt to be put behind the retaining wall instead of digging out all the dirt and putting it somewhere else. There are many other methods that will work just fine in holding back the earth; however, retaining walls can add a nice decor to a back yard or landscape. Sometimes smaller retaining walls can be constructed to create a nice planter that allows flowers to be raised above the ground. This task would be very hard to achieve without a retaining wall creating a leveled area for these plants. So it is not necessary, but the features and decor that they bring to a landscaped area is undeniable. They will easily if built right hold back a hill so that houses can be constructed on leveled ground. Much easier than removing half of the hill to put a structure.

There are also many material options that are available that can better match your landscape or price range. For example there are natural stone blocks, concrete, precast, timber, and man made boulders and pavers that can all be used to create a retaining wall.

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