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Cinder Block Wall in St George Services

Block walls can serve as a decorative function, or to add additional privacy to your property. Cinder block walls are a more cost effective option than other types of materials used in building a cinder block wall. The cinder block is durable, fireproof and low maintenance. Block Wall St. George, UT can provide several options in color, size and texture for your cinder block wall.

Across the St. George area, cinder block walls adorn the sides of a variety of different properties

When you find yourself looking for capable local masonry contractors to provide you with the installation and repair services you need for these particular material choices, choosing to reach out to Block Wall St. George will bring you the unparalleled experience you’re looking for and the knowledge necessary to provide the widest range of service options. With affordability and quality at the forefront, choosing our expertise is the first step in the right direction.

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With a dedication to low block walls cost, affordable local masonry repair and the best cinder block wall company St. George, UT has to offer, choosing to bring your needs to our professionals will ensure that you get the best possible results

Residential Services

One of the most common spaces in St. George in which we provide our installation of cinder block walls and retaining walls is within residential properties. Whether you’re looking to have an outline building supported or to have the most durable installation brought to your garage, making the choice to reach out to our experts will provide you with the best in local masonry companies. We bring you a service that provides the lowest cinderblock walls cost and the capability to have necessary repairs carried out at the same level of affordability.

Commercial Wall Services

With the size and structural necessities that a commercial property has, looking to cinderblocks as your choice of material for wall installations can be the right move. When reaching out to the best masonry contractors St. George has to offer, you can depend on the service that has the necessary experience and capability to provide you with the result that will last for years to come. We use only the highest quality products in any of our services, in the hands of experienced professionals in order to bring the best outcome. When you need reliability and aesthetic appeal, you can count on our cinderblock wall services.

Initial Installation

If you’re in the process of building a new property, reaching out to the cinderblock wall company St. George, UT relies on for quality will deliver the best possible results. We are dedicated not only to bringing installation in a way that works alongside the additional contractors on site in order to provide the full construction you need but are also the source of the lowest cost of cinderblock wall installation in the city. When you need results that last, it’s time to make the call to the best St. George masonry contractors.

Cinder Block Repair

Though cinderblock installations provide you with a high level of reliability and strength, there is always a capability that you can find yourself in need of quality repairs. Whether you need treatment for the blocks themselves or to the mortar that connects them, choosing to reach out to the best in local masonry companies will provide you with the experience and high-quality services you’re looking for. All it takes is choosing to pick up the phone and calling into the offices of St. George Block Wall and soon you will find yourself on the line with one of our helpful contractors, ready and willing to bring you the booking you need.


Most frequent questions and answers With CinderBlock Walls in St George

Replacing a cinder block wall can be very simple if you have the know how, time, and ability to do it. If you don’t however, then local companies in Saint George can help. If you decide to do it on your own, then there are a few things that will need to be done to ensure that the wall is built right. Start by drilling holes into the existing block with a masonry bit. You should drill about four or five columns of three holes evenly across the wall around the damaged areas. These holes will allow you to be able to better knock down the wall to replace it. You’ll want to use a sledge hammer or similar tool to knock down the wall and then remove the debris. You’ll have to use a chisel to scape the rest of the mortar left over on the surrounding blocks. After this, the area will need to be cleaned to create a good area for new mortar to be laid. You will have to fix the mortar and prepare it. Spread the new mortar on to the bottom where the new stones will be laid with a masonry trowel. Make sure that the thickness is about the same as the existing mortar. The spread mortar on the sides where the new block will com in contact with other blocks. Again always matching the thickness of the existing mortar. Place the replacement block into the wall. Scape away and smooth out the mortar to create a clean finish. Continue this process until the extent of the wall is finished. You will have to let the mortar dry before doing anything else to the wall. The drying time will just depend on the type of mortar that you purchased.

Mortar is used to bond blocks, bricks and other similar materials together to create a solid wall or frame. It is a blend of cement, hydrated lime, sand and water that creates a strong cement like mixture that is used in many different building applications. When replacing a wall, the mortar that has dried to solidify bricks or blocks together will need to be removed. There are many different ways to do this; however, it may be best to stay away from strong chemicals if doing this on your own. Your most efficient way to remove mortar will be using good old fashioned tools. Using a chisel and a hammer, begin to chisel away the mortar by lightly tapping the chisel with the hammer as the tip of the chisel is pressed up against the mortar. You will do this until almost all the mortar is gone. You will also need to do this for all of the sides of the black so that new mortar can be placed around the block and create a string finish. Afterwards brush off the areas with a small broom and prepare it for new mortar to be laid on top.

 This will depend on the size of the project. Block Wall St George is committed to communicating with the customer throughout the entire process of design, building and installation.

Yes, we will make sure the job site is clean and remove any leftover materials.

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