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​​Brick Masonry St George Services

Brick Wall Installations

Quality brick masonry brings a level of strength and durability to your property, unmatched by other material choices. Whether you’re looking for brick walls, driveway or walkway installations or otherwise, making the choice to reach out to the best in local masonry companies will provide you with the outcome you’re looking for in an affordable fashion. St. George Block Wall has been the source of reliable brickwork in the city over the course of many years and bring you an unparalleled level of experience and expertise.

Exterior Walls

One of the most common installations of brick masonry and the St. George area is that of exterior walls for homes and commercial properties. Whether you’re looking to have the initial brick work done during the course of constructing your property or you find yourself in need of quality repairs, choosing to pick up the phone and reaching out to our experts will provide you with the knowledge and capability you’re looking for. We provide you with a range of different brick styles and colors in order to ensure that you get a result that provides aesthetic as well as practical outcomes.


If your property has a chimney installed, finding yourself in need of the initial brickwork or repair services will have you looking for reliable, local masonry. Choosing to reach out to Block Wall  St. George will provide you with the capability you’re looking for and the necessary knowledge to ensure that your result allows for an efficient chimney in place. We are dedicated to continually exceeding the expectations of our clients across the St. George area and a simple service from our professionals will demonstrate the lengths we go to in order to provide the best possible result.


Whether you’re looking to have interlocking brick installed for driveway or pathway along your property, you can count on our professionals to bring you the best in masonry contractors St. George has to offer. We bring a wide range of material styles to choose from in order to ensure that your results add to the overall curb appeal of your property as well as provide you with the strength and reliability that brick is known for. When you need to ensure that the results provided are ones that will last for the life of your property, you need Block Wall St. George  in your corner.

Brick Repair Services

We not only provide the installation services you’re looking for when it comes to a variety of brick walls, chimneys, driveways and more, but are also the experts you need in your corner when it comes to the repairs that only the best in brick masonry St. George has to offer can provide. We are dedicated to bringing a full range of services to clients across the city, giving you the capability to not only ensure that the initial installation put into places reliable but that you also have reliable professionals in your corner to deliver required repairs. 


Most frequent questions and answers For Retaining Walls

There are many types of masonry that will utilize bricks, concrete and/or stone masonry. Each will have their own methods and styles of construction and appearance. Brick masonry is a very durable form of construction that is often used in the construction of structures and walls. Bricks are placed in mortar in an orderly fashion to create a solid mass that can support loads exerted upon it. This type of masonry has been used for many years. Bricks used to be mud bricks that would be stacked up upon each other to create walls of a structure. Today a similar method is used to using bricks in construction; however, not with new technologies, bricks and mortar are created to withstand more weight and last through various weather conditions. There are a number of different bricks and mortars that are available to contractors today. Picking and choosing the type of brick and mortar should be based off of any special climate challenges that structures may face in the local area. The appearance may also change in size and in color. All of these bricks and mortars can be found at any local Home Depot or Lowes. 

There are a number of different bond styles that are open to you when installing brick. Some of these bonds will be used because of a building necessity, but many will just be used to create a certain aesthetic. The most common bonds that are used are stretcher bonds, header bonds, English bonds, Flemish bonds, stack bonds, Dutch bonds, American bonds, and facing bonds. Quite often stretcher bonds are used when constructing walls and the bases of structures. When referring to these bonds, masons will use the teams “stretcher” and “header”. Header refers to the shorter ends of the brick, while stretchers are the longer sides. Some styles will have the header showing and some will have the stretchers facing out, while  some will use a combination to make a pattern with the bricks. Speaking with an experienced mason will help you to know what will look the best in the area you decide to put brick.

The tools that will be needed to complete this project can be found at almost every home improvement store. You will need mixture of mortar and bricks. Again there are many different styles and types, but masons will help you choose the types that are best for you. Other tools that are utilized are a tape measure, hammer, hose, level, trowel, level,  and a jointer. These tools will ensure that the job is done right and creates a clean finish. A wheelbarrow and goggles may also be used to help with personal safety and ease while building with bricks. Masons will have all of these tools and will be best at making sure the job is done right.

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The first step in obtaining the services you need for your block walls is to make the choice to pick up the phone and calling into our offices. There you will have the capability to speak directly with a local masonry contractor ready and waiting to provide you with the information you’re looking for and the service details required to get your project underway. Whether you need to know your block walls cost or need more information on retaining wall installation, taking the time to speak with one of our experts will get your services on the move quickly. 
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