Are you experienced in cutting and laying patterns of different brick, block and stone?

Yes, we can meet your needs through the design and installation process.

When do you expect to have the work completed?

This will depend on the size of the project. St George Block Walls is committed to communicating with the customer throughout the entire process of design, building and installation.

What do I need to do to prepare my home for brick or stone work?

St George Block Walls will prep the property for building and installation.

Do you have references from other clients?

Yes, you can access our reviews page by clicking here.

May I see proof of your insurance?

Yes, We are a fully licensed and insured contractor

What is the payment schedule?

A materials deposit is required prior to the start of the project; the remainder of payment is due upon completion.

Who is responsible for buying masonry materials?

This can be up for discussion; generally St George Block Walls will purchase all the materials with the materials deposit.

Will you clean after the project is finished?

Yes, we will make sure the job site is clean and remove any leftover materials.